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iPhone 7 Leaked Circuit Board Break Down

Getting ready to buy the iPhone 7? You all know what it will look like.
However for repairers we do need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming repairs.

Thanks to our chinese sources, we managed to have a chance to look at the main circuit board before the iPhone 7 was even announced! Although it is only a printed circuit board with no components on it, we can still have some ideas about repair difficulties on those iPhone 7.

As shown on the image below, we do not see any major changes on the new iPhone 7 circuit board, except connector are located in a different place/Bigger CPU BGA grid with 4 squarish spaces/bigger wifi IC.

iPhone 7 Leaked Circuit Board Break Down

The LCD/touch panel connectors and the Home button/Touch ID connectors are now located below the battery connector down the bottom of the board, which makes no difference to experienced repairers but inexperienced repairers may end up breaking the broken screen flex cables when opening up the phone. 
Also it looks like we are having the physical home button again in the iPhone 7. 

Stay tuned!