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Beware! Are you paying for an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 5S?

You may have seen iPhone 5/5c been converted to iPhone 5S  and sold as with broken touch ID devices, but have you seen iPhone 5s gets converted to iPhone 6? You may go “Yea I have seen a lot of those so called iPhone 6 Mini, just a backing replacement with different finishing.” as below.

iphone 5s to 6 mini

What I am about to show you is a iPhone 6 sized (4.7 inches) iPhone 5S.

convert iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 whole view

You can see the large amount of space left out since iPhone 5S circuit board only takes little space. 
In order to make a iPhone 5S circuit board compatible to the iPhone 6 Housing, a lot of flex cable modification has been made.

convert iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 top Section view

On the top section of the iPhone lays the LCD/Touch/Front Camera Flex connectors. The flex cable on the LCD/Touch has been changed to iPhone 5S flex cables to fit the connectors on the iPhone 5S circuit board. The Front Camera flex is remained the same.

convert iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 Bottom Section view

On the bottom section of the phone, space for iPhone 6 vibrator is left out and the vibrator is moved to the top section of the phone. Where they also modified the Bottom charging flex cable to make iPhone 6 Loudspeaker/iPhone 6 charging port/iPhone 6 headphone jack/MICs fit onto an iPhone 5 Circuit board, with a little Touch ID connector in the middle, the old iPhone 5S placement. 

convert iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 vibrator view

The vibrator is moved up to top, where they reused the iPhone 4/4s old type of vibrators with cable modification. 

convert iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 screen connector Section view

The back camera however, is unchanged. It is the same iPhone 5S camera with a little bit of rewiring. 

In order to not to get scammed when buying refurbished/second-hand devices, we do strongly recommend every one of you to go to official iCloud lock check site:

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